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About Me

I have been fortunate to return to acting in my adult life. Since childhood I've studied many different acting techniques and continue to do so when not working on a project.

I will be starting production at the end of April, 2024 on a short film in New York. I have just finished a 3 day run in an off Broadway production of Funland written by Russell Lagaspi. My most recent film credit is Lexicon, which is currently available on Amazon and Tubi. I have appeared on  Hulu's Your Attention Please, a movie on the Lifetime Channel with James Franco, as well as some independent films and shows on the Investigative Discovery channel.

New York City has always been my home and when I'm not in Central Park enjoying a walk with my husband or my crazy squirrel loving German Shepherd, Lucy, I am spending my time in South Carolina and the Southeast Region riding my horse Twister.

I have always loved shelling on the beach, horseback riding, gardening and artisanal bread breaking. 

I am represented by Fast Lane Talent Agency, please contact Ms. Genna Long at


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